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Entertainment iOS apps

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App of the world famous open-air museum in Sweden.

What's this: the official travel guide app for the famous open-air museum in Sweden with 1.5 million daily visitors. We've completely revamped app in 2014.

What we've done: design, UI/UX, iOS-development.

Results: more the 20,000 downloads and plenty of glad museum visitors.

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Experimental app for anonymous photo chats.

What's this: platform for photo puzzles. Users compose parts of single picture, but know nothing about each other. The only thing revealed is geo-location.

What we've done: idea, iOS-development, backend-development on Parse platform.

Results: working app in a 3 weeks.

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Screen Recorder App

Top secret app for recording video&audio from iPhone screen.

What's this: app for mobile screencasting. You can use any installed app while talking about it and Screen Recorder will make video with sound for you.

What we've done: iOS-development. Used private API of the IOSurface framework and AVFoundation framework.

Results: hacked. App works perfectly (only in-house, Apple doesn't love this kind of apps).

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Social Networks iOS apps

Use our expertise in development and design

Soulmater Around - geo-social network app developed by 4Taps

Social dating app based on interests matching.

What's this: app analyzing interests, music and communities of users in social network to find people, who share the most interests.

What we've done: idea, design, UI&UX, iOS-development, marketing, promotion.

Results: more than 40,000 users on iPhone and web.

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The most interesting places around you

What's this: geo-social network. Feed of interesting spots around you filled with the newest popular places created in app. We use our content algorithm to show really good spots based on several social and geographical factors.

What we've done: idea, design, UI&UX, iOS-development, Android-development, marketing, promotion.

Results: more than 50,000 organic users of iOS- и Android-apps, more than 120,000 places created in app.

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Real meets in train trips

What's this: social network for people traveling by train. Find interesting persons, routes and cities, buy tickets and find out with whom you travel.

What we've done: iOS-development

Results: one of the most sophisticated iOS app we've done so far with more than 150 screens.

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