Our cases
We create cool smartphone apps. See what we have coded here:
ClutchPoints is the 6th largest sports media in the US.
ClutchPoints is the most innovative sports media company in America, we needed a tech team who would be able to outperform the market as we always do. 4Taps met the expectations to rapidly iterate on our product from the very first release in 2015. They did fantastic job designing, developing our apps and backend for them.
Nish Patel CEO of Clutchpoints
eNotes is the biggest network of students and teachers dedicated to literature.
eNotes for more than 20 years has been listed in Alexa's top-1000 websites in the world. We specialize in lesson plans and study guides also providing the Homework Help section with millions of questions with answers. eNotes needed a partner to launch native iOS and Android applications who can cover the whole mobile experience – code, design, figure out in-app purchases, push notifications and more. 4Taps executed all that brilliantly. Highly recommended!
Alex Bloominglade co-founder of eNotes
Cherry Labs is a Palo-Alto-based startup building an AI system capable of converting video streams with humans into actionable data.
Cherry Labs sticks to the "Move fast and break things" rule releasing new products and algorithms on a monthly basis. We are very glad that 4Taps managed to cope with our tight schedule providing great communication and transparency in processes. They have perfectly integrated into our team and supported our native mobile applications.
Max Goncharov co-founder and CEO of Cherry Labs
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